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mangoes and cake

My friday started in the big girls yard at 5am. Yes. It is still a little dark.  The staff and me pray before we open the doors of the homes.  Some girls clean the outdoor bathrooms, work on laundry, and the rest clean the yard or other cleaning elsewhere.  Then we line up for Big Circle time.  At 6 everyone from campus comes down to our yard.  Some of the other groups share memorized verses- usually 10-25 verses at a time, there is singing and then one of the staff shares the devotion. 

Then at 730 we go eat breakfast.  Then off to school by 830.  There is a lot of downtime due to the early schedule.  Especially if the bible sharing is short.  I didn't have any office work so I helped in the library til lunch.  Then lunch. cleaning the dining room and no school so the girls have a couple of options- watch a movie or tv in the dining room, stay in their houses and listen to music or sit out in the yard.  Yesterday was a tv day. I went to town for part of it.

I went with a girl named KIm that is here from Wisconsin until August and will probably come back next February and a couple of guys from the states- one from Chattanooga/Opelika and another that goes to Oklahoma State.  We went to the grocery store and then by the fruit lady on the way home.  As we got back on campus we were discussing how some of the staff at night knock mangoes out of the trees.  So one of the guys who is a baseball player decided to knock some out of the trees.  Fun times.  Kim tried to catch them to stop them from busting open when they hit the ground.  So we had fresh mangoes.

Action shot-


And then I got back in time for dinner but it was rice and beans and I had had a lot of mango so I passed on dinner.  Then they left me to supervise and approve the cleaning of the dining room.  Evidently for me to be placed as a volunteer with the big girls is a big thing and that I was  left to supervise them on my second day was a big thing.  I know God knows I need a challenge so there it is.  They are all good girls.  Just typical to take advantage if you let them.  Not knowing the language fluently gets frustrating because I don't know how to say things at all, some not correctly and both languages in my head come out together and make zero sense at times.

They had a gathering with the Big Girls Yard staff and house leaders to celebrate Abby since she is leaving monday. We had cake and soda.  They gave me a huge piece.  So that was dinner.  And it was a nice sugary caramel filled piece of goodness...that then hits you like a train.  Kinda like a hot Krispy Kreme.  It was good.

This morning since there is no school is a lot of downtime as the girls deep clean the houses after breakfast (again with the supervising dining room cleanup) But I was given a reprieve from being in the yard today.  So I am updating the blog and am going to study some spanish. My brain is already tired from 3 hours with the girls and today it seems understanding pretty much nothing.  It's good.  It will come but it makes your brain tired.

Tomorrow I am "off" and we have church.  This afternoon the volunteer house cleans from 1-3 and then we have meetings or whatever. 

Just a few things- I can get imessage on my computer.  Typically I am on it from 5-7 depending on the day.  And I am in bed by 8.  If you happen to call me and leave me a voicemail you have to text me to tell me becuase I don't think it shows up on my phone.  And I can facetime if you tell me when:)

I am taking questions you have- nothing is too big or little.  I'll include photos if you wish.  haha I am not sure what you want to know or see. 

I will end with a photo of my Big Girls Yard- they have four house.  the grey one is the special needs girls house.  IMG_3458

And verse of the day from yesterday- Ephesians 2:10- For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God prepared in advance for us to do. 

So glad He KNOWS.  His plan is best. 

Oh and we had "Auburn" moon pies yesterday with breakfast. :) War Eagle.

Ana Maritza on the left.  I can't remember the one on the right.  :)


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