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To twit or not to twit

Sorry for my bloggy absence lately. My laptop battery has died and while I can use my computer plugged in, it limits my usage unplugged. So with a beautiful day I can’t sit outside and type away. And I went to Panera to sit and be productive on the internet but I couldn’t get a table with a plug…so ugggh. No computer for Andi.

And I am caught between facebook and twitter. Feeling like I need to say something useful to you but not too long. Something witty and humorous. And I don’t have it.

Speaking of Twitter- I started using my account last week. I have had it since 2009 but never used it. I started using it because there are a couple of great people who Twitter and I was missing out on their two cents. Eugena8410 is my user name. Eugena is a joke name and 8410 for Psalms 8410- Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere. I would rather stand as a doorkeeper to the house of the Lord than dwell in the midst of the wicked.

But lately I have felt the Facebook Twitter delimma. Being on it, trying to keep up. Find something witty to say in 160 characters. Something retweetable, commentable, or “likeable” I think this has led to the silence on the Blog.

I love people. I love FB and Twitter and it’s ability to keep us connected. But my desire is for face to face connection. And at this point in time even a text feels like direct connection. I had a friend text me last week and ask me to pray for her and her family. I could have seen the update on FB. I could have been asked that way. But she texted me. We conversated via text. It was connection that can’t be had on FB or Twitter. At times a text has led me to picking up the phone and calling. A real (gasp) conversation. If nothing else, to leave a voicemail. I know there are days that a good ol fashioned voicemail has broken me to tears, made me laugh, or just made my heart smile.

I just don’t want to get caught up in the idea that social media (twitter, facebook, include others) are a substitute for real community. I know that there are those who argue that this is a bona fide community, and it is. But CONNECTION for me happens deeper outside those two. And while I enjoy FB and Twitter, my desire is deeper connection with people. So I will keep my FB and Twitter to a minimum. And yes, I will continue to hassle those I love with calls and texts.

And the irony? I am sitting here blogging about all this…a form of social media. I consider it a form of information, like a good book. I enjoy reading other folks blogs- a glimpse into their world, what God is doing. But definitely not a substitute to sitting on the porch with them, hanging out with their kids, or laughing with them over a great meal.

So, on this side of heaven I will continue to try to sort out what “life” is. And for now, Facebook and Twitter is part of it. But for me, it will be of appropriate size in my priority list. : )


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