My kid got a pig

I love getting snail mail. I love getting what I call heart email. You know like snail mail via email. The unexpected typed out letter just to you. With or without accompanying photos of random things. Kinda like when Sister Girl tortured me in Uganda with emails of Dipnation. Loved her for it though. Made me appreciate cheese all the more.
I digress.
I sponsor two kids in Uganda. After I went last October and spent considerable time in the ARM office I realized a couple of things...
Our kids write the same thing every six months because for the most part that IS what's going on. The same thing.
They rarely leave their community.
They don't go on vacations.
Holidays are breaks from school but life is the same as every other day. Except when they get mail from their sponsor. Or it's birthday celebration at project day. Or a team comes from the US to visit. Or it's Sunday. But even then Sundays look a lot like Monday. Same chores. Same water hauling. Same cooking. Cleaning. Same.

And I realized there were a few sponsors who send extra money each month for their kid(s). And get a family gift. Or additional gifts for the child. Well I decided to start doing that. So I sent a few extra dollars.
And my kid got a pig. So cute. (The kid. Not the pig). I'd write Resty and ask her the pigs name. But I know what happens to pigs. Especially In Uganda.

So. In summary, write your kids. Tell em you love them. Tell them what God is doing in your lives. But don't be surprised if they write back thank you and that they carried water yesterday.
Thankful for heaven coming to one day gather round the throne and do the same thing with my little Resty and Rahman I pray. And not let language get in the way!

My kid got a pig

the rest of the time

I will be hanging out at the ARM office on Wednesday until I get ready to leave tomorrow night so I am going to be brief in wrapping up the rest of my visit.  Sunday I went down to Buloba community church for service.  There was a mix up with my accompanying person so one of the pastors drove down to pick me up and I arrived late.  But all was well.  The service was great.  The kids were all there, the children's choir sang and the adults sang and of course I had to give a greeting.  I was excited to see that Rahman's mother came to church!  They are pretty devout muslims- she attends the mosque every friday they say.  So I know this is the second time she has come- the first being the first sunday right after I sponsored Rahman.  I pray that what she heard sinks into her heart and what Rahman brings home from Sunday and from school and center days speaks to all of their hearts.  May she come to know Christ through the testimony of her son!  Who sang Baby Jesus I love are my savior...for me to video in his home saturday.  glory.

I went with the pastor and family to go eat at some new small resort place.  Very nice pond with tables and basically a big bar area.  The girl had to walk all the way across the parking lot and up a hill to an outdoor kitchen to get our food- the building with the kitchen is currently in process.  I felt so sorry for her.  She sort of literally ran up the hill.  But I got to eat Chicken! and french fries! Even if it was chicken on the bone- not my fav I gladly dug in. 

We left as a big charter bus from a catholic school came with a load of high schoolers.  Oh and what was funny as you pull into the grounds there is a fake cheetah on a log that you pass and a fake dead antelope draped over the log like it killed it.  Nothing says welcome to the resort like dead animals and their predators.  TIA.  haha

I went to pastors house and on the way they bought some pineapple and tangerines.  Literally from a guy on a bike walking next to the road.  I got to enjoy some of that pineapple before the day was over- one of the best things about Uganda.  Freshest pineapple ever!  And they brought out some gnuts for me to eat.  And ended up giving me a whole little container full.  I think they felt sorry for me and all the beans and posho.  It was a fun afternoon full of listening to stories about my kids and general goings on with her family. 

Monday was spent packing and meeting with Jeff the principal and working on looking through their library to see what other social work and other books may be good for them and emailing some of my old professors for some input. 

My 5pm pick up turned into 7pm and with the independence day eve traffic and a couple of stops we ended up arriving in Kampala- Gaba about 10pm.  I got a HOT shower and slept 9 hours.  It was delightful.  I don't know if I have shared this on the blog- if I have, please forgive me...

I am staying out past the Speake Resort which is the nicest resorts in Kampala, located on Lake Victoria.  Because of independence day and it being the 50th year there are quite a few world delegates here.  There is a road block to get over into this area and then a machine you must drive over so they can review your car.  Not sure if it is some sort of camera or an actual xray machine.  But there are constantly police escorting people around and whizzing past folks. 

My driver Jack decided to take advantage of this.  As a police man drove past there was one official car behind him and another unofficial car.  He got in behind that guy and we drove quite away past all the cars pulled over.  Saved probably ten minutes in the bad traffic! Nothing like a police escort home.  He stopped well of the turn off the main road to avoid getting in trouble.  So funny.  TIA.  I told Jack if I ever need to get out of the country in a hurry I am calling him or another guy I know here.  And at the first road block the police man was questioning where we were going and then he asked me if I had a gun.  Jack and I simultaneously laughed and said no. 

I forgot to share the story about when he ran out of gas on the way to Buloba...will do that later.  I have pictures.  So funny.

Today was sleeping in and going to visit Patricks brother and his new wife.  I got to sit and watch a pirated movie while they all chatted in Lugandan and I caught up a little bit with Amo.  good times. 

I will try to post more in AMS during my layover - they have free wifi (are you listening Atlanta Airport?...) But I dont know how much time I will have to actually sit with the layover.  I plan on waiting in that line to get a dr pepper that they will allow through security.  Eye on the prize to stay awake and on US time for the trip home.  Jetlag is not my friend and I fight it with a vengance.

(sorry my posts seem to talk a lot about food!! I am just beginning to process some of this and will be back to share more Godly posts later...I promise he is here. Like the text at church on Sunday spoke!)

On with a few photos:


Rahman's mom, Resty's Grandmom, Resty and Rahman sporting their new clothes.  It's cultural not to smile in photos and unless they are reminded sometimes they forget!


Thats the bathroom that is white, up beside it is a tin roof building.  yep. thats the kitchen. 


My g nuts- peanuts but smaller.  Glory.

Reading my book in my room- you can see the open ceiling.  Shout out to Ellie for the book mark and Cole D and Beth for the book suggestion.  good read. 

Partial view out my windo from the college.  The hill slightly to the right was the hill with the house I always joked would be mine.  It's currently available I am told.  ha

More to come as soon as I can!

Thank you more than you know for the prayers.  and emails and comments and texts.  You village people are the bestest ever in the whole wide world. I promise.  I set to post this Wednesday morning your time.  I will be packing to leave as you read it probably.  Sad but happy at the same time on that.  Love this place but currently ready to come home and pray and talk through it with some of my villagers.


my african kids-Resty and Rahman

Saturday was a good day.  I met up with Joy and we walked down to Buloba Community Church at 10 to meet my sponsor kids.  I had walked down there on Thursday because Sarah from the ARM office told them I was coming but ended up just arranging time for Saturday.  My little Girl Resty was there waiting for me.  She skipped school.  I was sad that I had made her miss school all day only to arrive late in the day but my day had been loaded up.  I got to see Esther and Pastor Eva while I was there and some of the others hanging around the school.  My boy Rahman was in class there at the Ebenezer school that the church has but I did not wish to pull him out. 

So Saturday Resty and her grandmother Ruth arrived and Rahman came by himself.  We talked for a bit and then broke out the presents.  I try to get them gifts they will like and use and enjoy.  I thought Rahman's favorite color was red because he is ALWAYS in it but he told me he likes yellow.  Thankfully I had picked out some yellow things and Becky Gaston's little girl who assisted in shopping for my kids had picked some yellow as well! Rahman wore one of his yellow shirts to church on Sunday.  The other worry I always have is size.  But thankfully everything I brought fit or was a bit to big.  yahh!

Resty and Rahman were so excited about every single thing I took out of my bag to add to their pile.  Resty's grandmother cheered when I brought out the pens and pencils.  She is very poor and struggles to provide for Resty when she is with her (I found out Resty is moved from her home to her parents which creates much instability).

We (Joy and I) walked Rahman home to insure that he would make it home with all of his things.  He walked so fast, with a spring in his step and a smile on his face all the way home.  We spent probably up to an hour at his home.  His older sister and younger sister and brother ended up coming back after a bit.  His mother was down the hill toward the swamp area washing clothes.  She does laundry for other people as a job.  His dad works down in Buloba town center and drives a boda boda.  That would be  a motorcycle taxi. 

He loved loved his glow in the dark hexbug and laughed so much at it running around.  His little brother was very afraid of it and would run away from it.  He opened a wooden top I had for him thinking it was candy.  I realized I had some jelly belly's in my bag so I got them out and shared them.  He was telling us what flavors he had. 

We looked over a lot of the photos in my phone of friends and family.  He loved watching every video I had in there and thought Sarah Chandlers son saying "Hey!!" after I said "Waaaaar Eagle!" was hilarious.  And He loved Sporty's kids dressed as spiderman and supergirl.  He loves super heros it seems...guess that is universal. 

One thing that I have realized anew this trip is just how much writing your sponsor children means to them.  They cherish knowing you remember them.  And how just sending ten dollars a month for family needs in addition to their sponsorship will do for the family.  So many basic things these families struggle to have...Rahman has 6 people in his family and they live in a two room home that is probably 25 ft by 10 or 15.  That is it.  And I realized that often we recieve letters and it says the same's because that is their life! Rarely do they ever have anything different.  Every day they get up do chores, go to school, go home. chores. eat bed. Sunday Church.  They don't go on vacations or very few ever leave their village area.  Many have never been in a car or even a boda boda.  They eat the same exact thing every day.  The variety that exists in our lives in the US is extraordinary to them.  So the vanilla flavor their letters tend to have is simply because there is not much change in their world other than birth or death of someone or what they are learning at school and church.

  I apologiezed to both of my kids that I don't write them often enough.  And promised to write them more.  Simply to remind them that they are not forgotten and they are prayed for and loved daily.  Especially for Rahman's family that is muslim.  Thankfully my presence in Buloba has drawn her to church service twice now.  I am thankful that she wasn't there on Saturday and took up the invitation to come on Sunday.  More on that later. 





Oh and please note- I represented with My Auburn hat (i won at the AUWBB game :)  but as it always has been- we lost when I am Uganda.  I solely take the blame.  Happens every time I have been here and there is a game.  haha

And sporty- THIS is an avacado.  And a smaller one here in Uganda. Lydia's hand is way bigger than mine...just to give you some avacado perspective.


Africa Renewal Christian College

My first day at the college was spent touching base with the principal Jeff from the US who is a missionary here for about 6 or 7 years i think.  His wife helps with the animals- they have rabbits and goats I know.  Then I went with Racheal to a class- she is in the Child Development diploma/certificate area.  Class was from 830-130 with a literal break (from the fast) at 1030-1100.  Tea and some days tea and chapati (think flour tortilla of sorts).  I love the chapati. 

Right now the school has dipolma and certificate levels for theology, music, child developemnt, IT.  They are adding Bachelors of Theology in January and next september Social Work and Social Admin and probably Child development bachelors. 

I spent the afternoon with Samuel who is the director of the child development program and working on the bachelors level coursework.  His boss is the registrar (i think head dean in our university set up) Dennis.  He showed me the library which houses about 15000 titles which is large for a school in Uganda but severely lacking in reality.  Students don't have textbooks- they have to read everything in the library.  There is one small row of child developement and social work-sociology books.  Everything else is theology related. 

Lunch was beans and sweet potato and matooke and jack fruit for the staff for dessert.  (yah for jack fruit!) 

Thursday night I had beans and posho.  They had "devotional" at 8-9 which turned into 945.  Full on singing and shouting and jumping and dancing.  The students from the north and south sudan lead.  And a guy shared briefly from Ecclesiastes.  At 945 I was just whooped and wanting to crawl into bed.

Friday morning I woke to more singing about 4am.  They have devotional friday morning at 6am so that cranked up to.  But there are significantly less students their from what they said. 

Friday I sat in on a meeting for the bachelors of theology coursework.  They are making decisions about what would transfer and how many teachers they need to get and such for January.  The meeting stretched on into the afternoon. And I met with Dennis who I call the Dean.  I discovered there was wifi available!- he had an ipad he was looking at with his email.  This enabled me to check my mail on my phone and not have to wait for an open computer.  And i could check on the weekend outside of that room until the power went out and I lost the passoword.  Dennis and I talked about my possible return to teach.  Both Dennis and Samuel were asking when I could come and invited me to return in January or May to teach a holiday term and then remain.  I explained that I would have to work on funds in order to return and that would take time.  But I would pray and work on what the Lord had for me.  

I ended up in my room with plans to shower in the afternoon to maximize my opportunity for warmer water from the tank but it poured down and ended up with cool wind and cool shower after the rain past.  TIA.  Roll with it. No pictures really to post other than general pictures of the facility that I will post when I get home. 


I am still here. promise.

Sorry for the bloggy absence.  While I was out in Buloba the internet was limited and slow depending on power, time and just it wasn't fast.  And for some reason I couldn't connect to the full version of google mail or typepad at all so I couldn't really blog.  so here goes.  A review of the goings on while I have been in Uganda. 

Arrived Monday night.  Spent Tuesday and Wednesday at the ARM office.  Scanned about 300 letters from kids the first day and the next day read a lot and just did random things.  That morning I went downtown with my driver Jack to the craft market.  Homemade goods by people who gather to sell them to the muzungus- white people downtown.  Picked up a few things and went to ARM.  As Jack arrived to pick me up I had a few friends stop in- surprise!



Add in Steve and Emile from the Cornerstone team. It was such an encouragement to my heart.  I didn't realize it until I was on my way through town but Amy's comments to me made me feel like maybe me moving to Uganda might actually be a doable thing.  I was sad not to see big Billy Browdy in Uganda and the other team members but I will take what I can get.  They were on their way to the airport and were making a last minute stop by the ARM office.  It was a brief God moment for me.  Blessings to each of them as they process their time in Uganda and hopefully for their future trips to serve the Lord half way around the world. 

I arrived at the College about 530 and got settled in the dorm.  Typically there are 3 students in one room that has 2 bunks and another bed.  I was in a room by myself on a hall by myself.  But there was no ceiling so I could hear the rooms in the next hall over and since my single flourescent lightbulb worked hardly ever I was grateful for the light from the rooms over nearby.  I only had to use my flashlight to read. 

I had 2 choices for bathing and toilets- the pit latrine that was immediately behind the dorm and the shower you could get cold water in a bucket to bathe in or walk up the hill that was proably 150 yards to get to for a sit down flush toilet and cold water shower.  Grateful for both but at times it was a debate.  I walked up to the flush toilet at 11 one night to realize that the maintainence guy had locked it.  He found out later that I had tried and left it unlocked from then on.  I felt like I was back in Mexico showering in the cold water.  One part at a time or camping somewhere.  Needless to say my showers were brief. 

Tuesday and Wednesday for lunch I had beans and matooke and beans and rice.  I did have some great fruit at the ARM office from Sarah- Jack fruit (think a melon flavor from a very different texture's hard to describe. carrot and pineapple) Wednesday night I had beans and Matooke and sweet potato ( a mix between an idaho and sweet potato for us).  I went to retire for the night and try to sleep with the talking and music from all the students rooms nearby. 

 view out the dining room the building down on the right is the dorm i stayed in.  to the right are the classrooms and the staff toilet.  the small building on the left is the pit latrine students use if they are up in the classroom area.  It was the original laterines on campus when the school was purchased. 

a typical serving of posho and beans.  posho is the inside of the corn- they don't use the yellow part and ground and added to water.  much thicker than mashed potatos and pretty much zero taste.  i will discuss posho in another post.  I was served the first couple meals at the school.  After that I got my own food and typically got about a third of this size meal.


The view of the sunset over africa on my flight in from Amsterdam to Entebbe via kigali- rwanda.


I will post more in a bit.  I'm gonna spread out the excitement. :)

well, that was fun. said me not today.

Last night was rough.  Not gonna lie.  I fell asleep at 9ish and promptly woke up at 9:40 in a panic.  I had decided that I had forgotten to take some important medicine.  I literally woke up saying "Oh no! and I didn't even bring it with me!"  My mind was reeling as to how to fix this situation.  For probably a good minute or two I was freaking out.  Then after processing what this imaginary medicine may actually be I realized It's nothing. 

This isn't the first time this has happened.  From time to time I wake up at home thinking I forgot to take something. But typically at home I roll over and forget it.  But on this trip it's harder because I am actually taking a malaria medicine (That I start today).  But this was something else.  I woke up 4 times during the night thinking the same thing- although much less stressed the following 3 times. 

Here's the deal- I honestly think it's Satan.  And I am sure not one to just throw that out there and blame him.  But I really do think that he knows a chink in my armor is being tired.  And fit in my desire to not forget stuff...there you have it. 

Well, I am tired. And now  I am sneezing.  My nose is stopped up and I am praying I don't have a cold.  Just allergies.  So I am going to take an allergy pill and make sure my cold meds are nearby for the plan trip if needed.

Please pray that If indeed I do have a cold it moves on quickly.  I have a couple of days I can "have" a cold before it really bothers me.  Today I will be traveling all day and tomorrow is sort of a business errand day so It won't mess up too much if I don't feel good doing that.
Please pray that I would sleep good tonight when I get to Kampala and my dreams would be of Him and not stupid stuff like this. 

I am continually encouraged by your prayers, emails, and texts.  Sorry if I don't reply to every text.  But I get them.  And I smile.  And I am encouraged.


Love ya'll.  Grateful and thankful and blessed. 
Off to find some breakfast and catch a plane to Africa.

tminus something (actually negative numbers now)

I am already in Amsterdam but for those of you who read my blog and aren't on my email I wanted to share this info with you guys about my trip. 



Well I am sitting at CFA killing some time before the verizon store opens.  Listening to the guy listening to his computer four tables back.  He's watching Parks and Rec.  While I love that show I don't want to hear it while I eat.  Headphones dude.  Headphones. 

Anyway.  Enough about first world pains. 
This is what my world looks like.  This is love:


If anyone isn't aware- I have been on quite a journey.  Over the past few weeks I have seen God continually confirm and encourage my heart about this trip.  I had three people show up on one day at work and bring me checks.  several of my coworkers, as in hourly employees have given me what I call widows mite gifts.  More than what they probably could/should.  I have had notes, emails, text, prayers and scripture sent straight to my heart.  It has been at times overwhelming.  And I will confess that last week my heart was overwhelmed in a not great way.  But a little Beth Moore and some prayer time with a friend finally got my heart to a place to set down my need to control this trip.  To know that I would have everything I need settled.  And Oh what a peace I held in my heart last week. 

Until Friday afternoon when I got an email regarding some financial information.  And my heart broke.  It seemed to big.  Too much.  Thankfully my great friend who was actually with me inquired about why my face looked like it did...long story short...tears and prayers and I set it down at His feet.  He has to handle it.  I have asked continually for God to show up- for me to be able to shout at the top of my lungs that HE did this.  And I really wanted to be able to do that.  Not just part way, but all the way. 
Then Sunday I got the message that I got some additional funds from an unexpected place. Trust me.  It was God.  Come on.  That’s God.  And then I got a ticket on the way home from Birmingham. And In my defense- i was deep in thought about humility and my leaving...and living/fighting from Victory, not for Victory.  It is His victory.  Anyway...

Wednesday mail, notes, cash, prayers all fell at my mailbox, ears, heart, hands.  And I can now SHOUT that everything is paid for!  Not just my life with His blood but this trip with His cash.  Not only my trip costs but also what I need to pay bills because I will be missing work for almost two weeks.  Yes.  trying hard not to cry in this booth right here in CFA.  To Him be the glory.  As I have said before I have never been so completely dependent on Him and His people as I have been in this process and I know that If I end up moving there it will end up being a continual process.  Thank you.  Thank you more that You know for being such a blessing to me. 


And please know as much as I can see God’s hand in this trip because of the finances I see His hand all over my heart.  The peace and trust I have right now about such an uncertain trip and future can only be attributed to prayer.  To your prayers.  For all each of you who has taken the time to speak truth, love, or random fun into this process thank you.  So much.  Your partnership has made this process much more enjoyable as I feel sometimes like I am standing with my sword raised high…in Him as it says in Ephesians.  To STAND.

Now, on with the prayer list and itinerary:


I leave Atlanta Saturday night at 1040 ET. 
Arrive Amsterdam 8-9 hrs later.  I have a 21 hr layover.  I will be going into Amsterdam to do some sight seeing and staying at the Yotel at the airport.

I will arrive in Uganda 1115pm Ugandan time on Monday.


I will be in Kampala until Thursday morning.  Tuesday I will do some housekeeping things such as money exchange and visit the sponsor children office.  I hope to be able to talk with them about a possible job option Tuesday or Wednesday.


Thursday I will go out to Buloba to the College and stay there until Monday afternoon.  I will be visiting my sponsor kids and going to church while at the College. 


I will go back to Kampala on Monday afternoon and visit a baby orphanage on Tuesday or Wednesday and possibly talk with ARM (Child sponsorship) again or for the first time. 


I leave the evening of Oct 10 and arrive back in Atlanta on Thursday at 1pm ET. 


Please pray specifically for:

Wisdom and vision- to see as God sees and seek what He has.  To not let my preconceived notions get in the way or limit seeing what He has.


For my health- I really don’t mind being sick but alone overseas isn’t the way to go


For my motion sickness.  Seriously.  Every time I have been overseas I have asked for this and I have gotten sick only ONCE.  That’s 9 trips.  Lets go for 10!


I wont ask for safety because I don’t believe that is what this is about but perhaps for God’s protection.  For whatever may come I would trust and know what to do. 


For my heart to be fully engaged in what is going on in a country half way around the world that I love.  And turn my brain off when needed. 


Well, I wrote this at CFA this morning.   It’s now night.  I had internet issues today.  Guess God is warming me up for Uganda.  Hahaha of course he is!

I am packed.  Sad to say I am taking a suitcase and a small bag in addition to my carry on.  Evidently once again my sponsor kids stuff takes up literally half my suitcase.  Go big or stay Home I guess. 


I work tomorrow til 1.  Shower and get ready then head to the airport.  I will try to update you guys as I can.  If I don’t email you I will try to update the blog.  It’s hard to keep up with both sometimes. 

I will have cell service and can receive texts for 5 cents! (yaaaaah that it is down from 50 cents!) But sadly cant get photos by text.  So email me your randomness. 

i just don't know what to here's some pictures

This page has been staring at me.  Asking me to say something.  Some of you have been asking.  For something.  And I'm just not sure what to say. 

So I load up my Bible, My Journal, My Mac and head to Panera before church.  And sit here and stare at it.  Maybe it's the super loud northern family with the 4 kids running (literally) around and the 2 grandparents that decide they have to be super loud as they talk to their children that are distracting me.  Maybe it's that I don't want to ramble to much and too long (too late) with trying to piece together my Uganda trip.  Maybe it's that it is too close to my heart right now to share with the world.  (I've shared with a few close peeps- with another couple on the way this week).

I will share this- Moses.  His story is more than you think it was/is.

Uganda-it is more than I know it is. 

America- it continually frustrates me.  The more I read God's word. The more I get frustrated this side of Heaven.  But I love my crazy country.

My Peeps- You are dear to my heart.  I enjoy your investment in my life.  Nothing like some pool time, laughter with and at you, and a good dinner a time or 4 a week :) You bless me. And for those of you who speak 1 sentence in the midst of a conversation that speaks deeply to my heart (voice of God type sentence) thank you. And for being a sounding board.  Thank you.

I will give you some more pictures I did not previously share...

Buloba Community Church has moved up a little in the past 2 years.


I have always joked about "Chicken Tonight" in Kampala.  Last day- last meal...they took me to Chicken Tonight.  I had a vegetable samosa (i wasn't up for fried prior to 20 hrs of travel) and a Mirinda Fruity.

IMG_0176 DSC_0142 Olive in the backseat with all our kid stuff and mattresses we bought at the market.  Sweet Olive.

Olive in the back
The teacup table in Amseterdam.  I couldn't get a picture of me in one...but it was fun.  It was open on one side and had a table in the middle.  Next time you are in Schipol Airport...i suggest it.  It brings back good and nauseating memories of Disneyworld/land. ha


I found it highly ironic that i sported a "Don't Conform" shirt while i sit in a middle class house in a upper scale Kampala neighborhood with my Columbia pants and Choco sandals...



My sweet sponsor Child Rahman.  I gave him a ton of stuff- cars, clothes, books, coloring books, a backpack, shoes...and at the end of our meeting he reaches down in his big pile of stuff and pulls out the little photo album i gave him- of my family and a picture of him and me from last trip.  Oh how it made my heart smile.  So many "things" are unimportant.  A little kid in the "bush" in Buloba knows these things.  It brings tears to my eyes now.  (i have to write my kids more!)

Resty and her grandmother Ruth.  I gave her this dress 2 years ago..either she never wears it or she sure has been taking good care of it.  Or maybe both.  I love this sweet quiet kid.


Sweet Fiona's house.  The little kids weren't so sure about the white lady...

Piper's child- Catherine's house.  At least 4 people live here. Amazing.


I promise I will have something to say soon.  For some of you- you can thank me for the break from my rambling anytime.  :)

beautiful kids!!!

For the sake of time i will save the commentary for later.  Here are pics of the kids some of you know and love...


Catherine- sister Joanita, mom margaret and brother johnthan.  Piper's kids :) now write her!


Fiona and her mom- Lynn's girl


On the way to find Braden Belchers child we found Hillary.  Kyle and Jeanna Valaer's child.  Regans parents died and he stays with them now. 

Hillary and peeps

Scott and Deb Fillmers child.  sorry it's sideways. stupid photo thing. I will fix it later.




Reagan is staying with this sweet momma for now.

Reagan mom helper

Winner of best Buloba smile- Rita.  Becky Williams girl.  With her lame feet she still walks around smiling!


My Boy Rahman and his family.

Rahman fam

Rahman and anid

I will post some video when i get back.  crazy Eddie drove like a maniac so we could get to everyone's home in an hour and 10 minutes and then head back to town!

Love from Uganda.  24 hrs more and I will be home.