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In case you aren't in on the Sticks concert or the Aday festivities I wanted to let you know about a picnic Saturday.

Shady Park on Saturday 1230.  Families, single folks or whomever are invited to hang out and have some food and fellowship.  Just a gathering of college types who want to be a blessing to others.  Shady Park is over in Opelika across the street from Wal Mart in the mill neighborhood. 

And if you are willing and able to help out with some tornado relief there are several folks who are in great need from tornado damage.  Got a chain saw or can haul stuff to a pile?  We can use you.  Get in touch with Alabama Rural Ministries- lisa@arm-al.org 

And First Saturday is coming up..first Saturday of May.  We will be going to the Humane Society, Walk for Life with Women's Hope, and have some construction and servant evangelism opportunities.  We meet up for breakfast at 8am.  May 2nd.  Be there :) 

Any questions? just holla

A couple of updates

I have failed you, blog readers!  I have failed to update you on shoeboxes, sponsorships, and a couple of other housekeeping items! 

First up- 

  Childbox  Because of your generosity we have 262 shoeboxes headed to the Atlanta processing center before heading around the world!  The children in Buloba will be receiving shoeboxes from Operation Christmas Child this year.  I hope to get pictures from them when that happens.  

I hope you included a picture or note...I saw a friend at the drop off last week and she said that her dtr. got a letter from one of the shoeboxes they did last year.  What a treasure.  

Thanks for all the toys, toothpaste, hairbrushes, cars, and love you included in your little wrapped boxes.  With the gospel of Christ presented to these children before they receive their boxes their eternal future can be changed!

Yep, I am going to be shameless...that is my kid. IMG_3120  I loved her since I saw her on the June trip.  And now she is "mine."  I am sponsoring little Resty through  ARM.  If you haven't picked out your child yet, you can this Sunday after either service.  Over in the left corner of the worship space.  And it doesn't have to just be folks from our church...it can be anyone from your work or family... just let me know!  $35 to change the life of a child and that child's family.  Well worth the money.  And keep in mind.  I am currently unemployed...so I understand the sacrifice! But it is SO worth it!!!

We have currently sponsored 113 kids of the 257 that ARM sent us from Buloba.  I encourage you to pray about it and step out in faith if God is calling you to do this.  

I have been so encouraged by seeing your excitement about helping kids you have never even met!  One of my friends was walking around the tables the first morning. I walked over to talk to her and she looked up at me- with tears pouring down her face.  She said "How do you just pick one?"   And the night of Celebration Dinner one of our KidzTown kids had picked out a child and her mom said "She won't stop crying."  Her heart was broken for this kid that lives half way around the world and I think she was so happy to be able to help her... If it wouldn't have been too tacky I would have taken a picture to share.  It was such a picture of the body of Christ...

We sold just short of $3000 of the ladies wares from Buloba.  They will be back for sale in a couple of weeks in the worship space.  All proceeds go into the Buloba fund for the church building and for future microeconomic needs for the ladies (sewing machines hopefully in the future as the ladies get interested in sewing!) 

As soon as I can figure out how to turn pictures in my Mac I will post them of the ladies working.  Funny thing is that they look fine until I upload them and then they are suddenly turned! 

And THANK YOU for signing up for the TigerTown gift wrapping.  I understand there is a waiting list for spots.  Right now we are looking at expanding to the 4-6 times.  I will be in touch with you who are on the waiting list about that soon.  

I hope you have a blessed Thanksgiving (if I don't blog before Thursday).  Keep in mind that speaking about what you are thankful for is more powerful than just being thankful in your heart! Let it out! :)  

Below is a video from Brooke Fraser.  She went to Rwanda and promised a child she wouldn't forget them and get the word out... for those of you who have been to Uganda, I think you will understand. 

Rebuilding Together

For everyone who came out on Saturday, worked in the rain, and served Ms. Johnson and Ms. Gosdin...THANK YOU!  You rock.  I never thought yard work in the rain could be so fun!  I don't have pics from the Gosdin house (sorry Knighton's, Oprandy's and John Atkinson!)  I will upload pics from Ms. Johnson's house as soon as I can.  Sorry it has taken me a couple of days!

Next work day will be in the fall. 


If you were at Cornerstone today you know that we asked you to go out into the community, share living water with people in SOME way.  You hopefully picked up a card to remind you to do that thing.  Some of you picked up 2-4 cards (rock on!)  Please share your story with us.  Click on the Comments below and let us know what you did, what you thought, and what happened! 

If you didn't come today= there are still opportunities at the information desk...or make up your own.  Just do something to share the Love of Jesus to people this week!

Oh- and I love that most of the tables were EMPTY when we got done!!!

update on the mural

Just wanted to give you updated info on the mural downtown Auburn this Saturday:

The mural design is a wave (made of handprints) that will eventually become doves that are flying toward the sun. This design was made by the middle school students of Auburn, to symbolize dreams eventually coming true. 

Come help 9am-4pm food and drinks provided.  The wall of the bike shop. 

A worthwhile walk

I wanted to let you know about another opportunity this coming Saturday.  The Autism Walk is being held at Duck Samford Park starting at 8:30.  The walk is to bring awareness to Autism.  Bring your friends and family and join the fun!  If you have any questions, leave a comment and I can get you in touch with folks who can help with the answer!

two community opportunities

I recently had a visit from an Auburn student who is working with her Bible Study group to do a mural in Auburn.  They have middle and high school students as well as other community individuals to organize and paint a mural on the wall of the bike shop in downtown Auburn.  If you want to help or participate they will be doing this on April 12th.  I don't have a time right now but If I get more info I will pass it on. 

The other opportunity is to help Pastor Jeff at God's Glory Ministries with their annual block party.  They will have the bouncy house type stuff, face painting as well as hot dogs and who knows what else.  The fun is on Saturday April 5 from 10-2.  The church is on the corner of Pleasant Drive and Bruce in Opelika.  If you need more info or have questions just leave your comment and I will get back to you.  This church is trying to get the neighborhood out and love on them a little and need some help. 

Thanks for reading- hopefully soon I will have comments from the NOLA team and the Easter Egg Hunt Party folks. 

Easter Eggs everywhere

What an amazing Sunday.  Service at Cornerstone then a party with some brothers and sisters across town. If you missed it- You MISSED it!   

3000 eggs, a bunch of kids, some obstacle course, hula hoop and jump rope contests, face painting, egg tossing, 4 squaring, basketballing, bubble blowing, hot dogs and a lot of fun. 

Special thanks to Lisa Pierce's community for helping stuff eggs and run the show,  the Cornerstoners who came for the fun and ended up helping, and Jack for the cooking.

Before the egg hunt we rounded up everyone, Pastor Jeff McCoy prayed and talked with the kids about the Resurrection Eggs.  A lot of kids learned that the donkey symbolized Jesus' triumphal entry, NOT Shrek!   The kids all had a great time and went home with a bunch of eggs!

Please pray for us as a church as we seek to see how we can continue to support/partner with this church if that is where God leads.  Please see the link on the sidebar for pics.