let's back up a tad bit shall we?

I realize that there are quite a few things that I haven't posted here on the ol blog- mainly due to lack of internet at the Cabin.  I don't like to post pictures in random order at the bottom of a post which is what happens when I send it from my phone. 

So let's go back to 2011.  I recieved the amazing gift of The Chick Fil A Bowl from my peeps Jennifer and Spencer with their daughter Kayla.  And not just the bowl but the whole experience. Fun thing was that their son Cole baked the tickets in the microwave after school so we didn't actually receive our ticket at Christmas but a certificate.  It seems that Jennifers Dad dropped them off and hid them in the microwave so Kayla wouldn't see them but Cole made it home first and was hungry.  Threw some popcorn in the micro on top of said tickets.  Needless to say- the Box Office folks knew who Spencer was when he arrived to pick up our reprint tickets after the story Jennifer told them when she called to make sure they could be replaced.

Anyway...Our New Years Eve started off early and we took a pit stop for Breakfast at the Dwarf House in Newnan.  Of course! Chick Fil A for breakfast on the day of the Chick Fil A bowl? yes indeed.  Alas, not a single picture was taken.

Then off to Hotlanta.  We walked around the stadium to figure out where will call was and get the lay of the land. DSC_0757 DSC_0760

  I brought glow braclets for everyone- Happy New Year Ya'll.  Jennifer dropped hers somewhere so we headed back toward the parking lot to find it.  Thankfully she found it.  She was convinced it was Auburn's good luck charm.  And evidently it worked.  I am not gonna mess with her about her good luck charms anymore.  IMG_0387

Then we walked over for the Parade. We got a great spot toward the end of the parade next to some Virginia fans, but they weren't too bad.  And let me just say I have never seen so many cows as I did in that parade.  You would have thought we were on a dairy farm.  With fuzzy, cute, upright cows that wave and can drive.  DSC_0861

And I am happy to report that the parade ended with Auburn's band and fans, so we joined in for the last half block and got in the parade.  So much better than if Virginia's band had been last.  DSC_0328 DSC_0335


Then we headed over to CNN center for lunch.  Spencer and Kayla waited for Taco Bell DSC_0337

and Jennifer and I rocked it with CFA.  DSC_0336

Why mess with a good thing? It was so crowded we had to stake out a seat when some folks left and we were entertained with the excitement surrounding us of folks trying to find tables and chairs.  We had money on a few encounters we thought would end in a physical encounter.  People were hungry and tempers were short in the CNN Center food court.  Happy New Year. Whoa.

We headed over to Fan Fest after lunch.  I DIdn't really know what to expect out of that but it was a lot of fun.  Free stuff and entertainment everywhere. 

We watched Tiger Walk from a distance- it was crowded and we didn't want to sit there for an hour to stake out a good spot so we cheered from where we were when the team came in.  Jennifer got to meet former Auburn #32 Rudy (I sureDSC_0345 can't remember his name) and we got to take some pictures with the CFA Cows, free tshirts, pom poms, backpack bags, koozies and who knows what else.  It was a fun afternoon. DSC_0349

On to the stadium.  I am happy to report I finished out the day with a CFA sandwich for dinner.  Just to round out the day and I'm not messing with the master plan (call it my good luck charm for the day). DSC_0648
  We had great amazing seats right above the Auburn band surrounded by some great Auburn people. 

And long story short- we took care of business with Virginia. Yep that says 43-24. Auburn. War Eagle.  DSC_0643

So boo you doubters out there.  It was a great time.  And yeah, I was getting hoarse from yelling at one point. 

One of the best parts of the game?  This cool bubble machine they had down in front of us.  It made shapes out of bubbles- almost looked like foam floating to DSC_0562

the ceiling.  Oh and every cup holder had a happy new year cow in it.  And the ceiling rained cows with parachutes as Auburn came on the field.  Fun times. 

On the way home we rounded out the day with burgers and shakes at Steak N Shake.  Jennifer decided to take her boots off finally. 

I found out that when you bite a globracelet too hard it will break and glojuice inside is NASTY.

  And it was indeed a fun day.  I mean really, how many folks can say they have been to a bowl game?  Maybe for Auburn folks a lot.  But a lotta folks never have.  I have.  And would love to do it again.  Way to bring in the New Year.  Way to end the old year.  Great fun and fellowship with some Great friends.  I am blessed beyond what I deserve to have such fun and great friends.


Tim Tebow and all his PDA

 Confession first- I was previously not a subscriber to what Tim Tebow did on any given weekend.  Unless it was a weekend he was playing Auburn.  Thankfully both those weekends turned out in Auburn’s favor.  I just couldn’t handle watching Florida play for any given reason outside of cheering on Auburn to beat them.  However, I did hear and read about his confessions of faith while he was at Florida.  And by the draft I was indeed interested in his future employer…Denver Broncos it will be.  I noted when he got his rookie head shave (not a fan). And when he finally started getting some playing time.   So call me a closet fan.


As the past few weeks go I have become more of a vocal fan.  I got to see his first “comeback” this season and a few since then.  And it doesn’t hurt that the man sports the orange and blue (my favorite color combo when it comes to sports).  And glory does he point to, kneel to, and honor the Lord.  And boy does it seem to rile folks up. 


I have been thinking about that the past week or so.  Why do people get so mad about it?  And I realized- it’s the PDA.  Yep. You know, the public displays of affection.  Just like your best friend who had to hold her boyfriends hand.  Or kiss him hello.  Or kiss him hello.  It annoyed you so much.  Why?


I am thinking that perhaps.  Just perhaps we get annoyed by SIMPLE PDA because we are jealous.  That they have a relationship where they are not afraid to show they love that person.  And we wish we did.  Perhaps the other person doesn’t like to do it.  Maybe they think it is “too much” in front of others.  Now, mind you I am not talking about the PDA we ALL dread.  As in “get a room” PDA.  But simple things. 


And perhaps they (Tebow haters) are jealous.  They don’t understand why Tim feels inclined to point to the sky. Bend his knee.  Speak honor to His king.  They don’t understand that every breath we each take is due him.  That the victories, the fight, the good, the bad, the ugly…we thank Him.  We praise Him.  We give him the glory.  It is what He is due.  It’s the least we can do.  So they talk smack.  They dis what they don’t understand.  What maybe they wish they had the guts to do.  Honor God in everyday life.  So they just keep on waiting for Tim to mess up. Say something dumb. Fail.  (it will happen. We all do it. We’re human.) And it makes me sad.  That folks can’t just be glad that someone delights in their job.  That they find satisfaction in what they do.  But ultimate satisfaction in something else…


Perhaps each of us should think how we can do likewise in our daily lives.  That others would encounter us and have no doubt that we have a love that we can’t help but give a little PDA to.  And it doesn’t hurt that Tebow backs up his signs and show with the words to back it up. 


I am encouraged by you brother Tim.  Keep after the prize. Speak the truth. Honor Him.  And if I can’t meet you on this side of heaven, I just might sport something Bronco number fifteen related.  Until I meet you around the throne on the other side. I thank you for your partnership in the gospel.  And yep, I’ll be cheering for you down here in Auburn. 


And this video with an inside look to the game made me smile.  Always wondered what they say during the games…Tim Tebow mic'd vs Bears


friday night lives

Friday Night.  In my head this day was a day late.  Wednesday all afternoon I thought it was Thursday.  Nope.  So it brought me great joy to finally put the Woodland Sweatshirt in my car for the drive for some football. 

Woodland vs. Lanett Senior Night. About 25 people on the Lannett side of the stands so I headed down onto the field to take pictures this time.  Ended up bonding with the Woodland Chain Gang.  Hoping to get a Woodland hat next week.  The Chain Gang leader didn't like my Auburn hat.  I told him I have zero options for purchasing a Woodland hat around Auburn parts. 

Anyway.  All was good till 8:00pm.  And this happened.  Trey down

That would be Trey #16 being taken down.  And his right leg somehow all katywhompus under the other guys' body.  I didn't realize it was him down until he got up and was being carried to the sidelines.  I immediately texted some peeps to ask them to pray.  Then they carried him off to the field house- ankle being held high. 

Turns out it is a Bad High Ankle Sprain.  But let me tell you what happened in the field house (From what I have been told).

His mom and some others went to check it out.  They were waiting for the head coach to come at half time to look at it and get hold of the doctor to see what to do.  They said it was swelling some and he couldn't bear weight on it.  It wasn't sounding too fabulous. 

Halftime came.  Coach told the guys they were all going to go pray over Trey and if no any of them didn't believe or weren't all for one then they could just sit where they were.  They all went and prayed.  Coach looked at his ankle and there wasn't as much swelling as they thought would be there after the amount of time that passed.  Trey hopped out after halftime, got on the Gator, and sat in the endzone area. Until he decided to go back to the field house to get dressed.  But for a locked endzone gate, he would have made it.  So he went to the sidelines and watched/cheered/encouraged his team instead. 

After the game the Woodland players all gather up with family and fans gather around.  Coach lets them know what he thinks.  He could hardly talk this week.  He said "Men, during half time we asked for something......... really really long pause......... and we got what we asked for."  That was pretty much what he said.  I think we were all pretty much in tears.  Because it could have been much worse.  For awhile we thought that it was.  And I believe as they circled up, helmets and hands raised they cheered "For God's glory"  Instead of Bobcat Pride or something else they normally chant. 

Woodland brothers praying for another.  Asking the Lord for healing.  And He did some work.  

They won the game.  But I am going to remember this game for what God did.  In hearts.  And on a young man's leg.  

There is indeed more to life than football.  God does pay attention to football, because His kids are playing.  He answers prayer.  He changes lives...not despite of football, but often because of football. 

Press On Woodland Bobcats.  I am honored to watch you guys, cheer you on, and see God work in each of you.   Completion to mcmanus

Fans on the fence Senior night compressed Hurtplayerprayer IMG_6003