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Flashback meets fast forward

I have timehop on my phone which reminds me of all kinds of things I've posted on social media. Sometimes I've even confused myself- read a comment Scott Fillmer sent to me on a Uganda trip and for awhile I thought I might have been to the Detroit airport and completely forgotten about it!
It's really quite the thing to be reminded to read old blog posts from 8 years ago. And I'm just always astounded at the crazy life the Lord has given me. I've been to 8 countries. I have 3 degrees. Learned another language and have 85 kids! Bought and sold a house and a car and all my stuff. Started over in another country. It's been a crazy full and good 42 years.
Now he is leading me to somewhere else again.
Pretty much everyone I talk to here in Honduras asks me how long I've been here and how long I will be here- it's like the US equivalent of "what do you do?" My answer is always the same- I'm here til I die, the money runs out, or He says go. I haven't asked much "how long do you want me here?" to the Lord. Usually in praying He leads me to "Stand. Persevere. Keeping going. Stand firm. Fight" In August one day I asked and He answered differently.
Ok I thought. That's a year- my residency will expire next October. I'll have the year to say bye to all the teams one by one and get word out I need a job in the US or wherever. That same night I told my friend I heard the Lord tell me I would be leaving Emmanuel at some future point. But I wasn't specific. Her prayer for me that night confirmed a lot. It started to feel sooner than next October in my heart.
I've the past weeks I've been mentally planning taking things to the US I wanted to keep and how to do that 2 suitcases at a time. And then I started thinking I would leave on my vacation in the spring and just stay in the US then. And kept praying.
And a few weeks ago found myself wishing I would be with my family for Christmas. Which was odd. I even asked someone to take my Legos to the US and I would get them in the spring (just don't have time to mess with them here).
Then last Wednesday everything changed. I got a text. And everyday since that text He has made it clear I'm supposed to return to the US. I can't explain all the details right now but it is very clear that I'm moving back to Alabama. By November 1.
I know. That's soon. It's fast. It's surreal.
I met with David and Lydia last Wednesday morning and then talked to Lourdes. I explained God revealing his plan to me and confirming it in scripture after scripture. And His timing is just perfect. I will share more when I am able, like who is taking my job and what I'll be doing. But know it is Him.
I'm not leaving because I'm upset, burnt, angry or done. Yes this has been the most trying crazy hard thing I've ever done. And I would remain here if He said. But my prayer is He would tell me when and be clear. And he has been. So it's just time. I told the girls last Thursday and they heard my heart and my tears. And they understand. They are asking to make sure I'll take photos with them before I go. Haha
So I left last Friday with a couple volunteers to Teguc for touristy things. And I flew to the US Monday for my vacation. I'll go back on 19th spend time with my crazy kids and then leave here the 31st or 1st. I plan to start work on Nov 7.
For those of you who support me financially you are welcome to contact CMC to stop payments for Nov and Dec but my request would be that you would continue your support through the end of the year as I won't be paid by my next job until later on in November and I have transition costs. I have to find a car and buy supplies and work clothes... December funds I plan to purchase and send things my kids need. Whatever you may decide I am grateful. You have enabled me to be here...and do what He is called me to do. I'm humbled and completely speechless.
I would appreciate your prayers over the next couple months. Leaving here is sweet but hard already. My new life in the states will be difficult and I will miss it here. My kids.... And just need vision for where I will live, buying a car, doing a completely new job, if I have to buy things for a house or apartment...the details feel large.
But as always. Emmanuel- God with Us. He does what He does to love us and make us like Him. And I'm grateful. For it all. Grateful for you. Grateful for what He's lead me through and where He's taken me. And can't wait to see some of you face to face and get to spend time sharing the details with you!!
Be His.


Flashback meets fast forward

Flashback meets fast forward


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Mona Crawford

Wow! Following Him close is always an adventure that He knows and you trust! God's blessings continue on you as you cling to Him!
I look forward to getting with you next week to give you gifts for some of your girls!

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